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We’ve been brainwashed to believe that exotic cars are nothing but cool toys reserved for the top 1%. That ends today. Discover how I’ve been personally able to “hack” over 300 exotic cars and helped over 18,000 normal people buy their dream car. With Exotic Car Hacks, you get the ultimate step-by-step blueprint to owning your dream car in 90 days or less. This 100% beginner friendly program will guide you through the entire “car hacking” process from start to finish without being rich, using your own capital, or worrying about taxes, insurance, or maintenance costs.

What You Get:

Lifetime access to Exotic Car Hacks platform with over 6 hours of step-by-step training that walks you through the entire process of car hacking from start to finish (updated for 2022).

Access to our private members-only Facebook group where you get direct access to myself and over 18,000 other car hackers to get support, ask questions, and network with other big players in the exotic car world.

Detailed case studies of all my personal cars. Learn the “true cost” of ownership, the pros and cons of each car, and what I would do differently if I was buying that car again.

Cheatsheets of all the best luxury and exotic cars to hack for any budget and all price ranges ($30k to $300k).

My own personal “rolodex” of exotic car resources. Don’t waste thousands of dollars figuring out this stuff yourself. Get a (constantly updated) list of the best insurance providers, banks and credit unions, independent mechanics, and more.

Get “over the shoulder” research demonstrations and watch me as I hunt for the best car deals online and show you my exact steps and thought process when hacking a car.

And much much more...

Sign Up Today and Get These FREE Bonuses ($2,997 Value):

Bonus #1: Top 10 Best Cars To Hack In 2022/2023 - This is my prediction of what I consider the absolute 10 best and safest cars to hack in 2022 and 2023 even if there's a correction coming. I'm personally trying to add these cars to my collection now too. So why not do it together?

Bonus #2: Car Hacking Research Tracker - This tool is my #1 resource when it comes to monitoring the market and knowing exactly which cars are worth a deeper look for a potential hack. This tracker will single handedly equip you with more knowledge than any car salesman will ever have.

Bonus #3: Roadmap To Hacking Your First Exotic ASAP - This guide is literally what I would do if I started hacking cars today with zero prior knowledge. It covers one of the most important aspects: credit building and what I call the "exotic car ladder" in order to level up to a better car than your last each and every time.

Bonus #4: "State Of The Car Market" Masterclass - After the Black Friday In July Sale ends, I'm hosting a 100% free LIVE masterclass to help all our new members start taking action to get results fast. We'll also be covering the current state of the car market and what happens if a recession really does hit.

Cars Our Students Are Hacking:

Refund Policy:

Due to extremely low pricing, purchases during sales events are not elligible for a refund. "Buyer's Remorse" does not qualify for a refund. Any questions or concerns please contact support at info@exoticcarhacks.com or (800) 274-4715 and we'll be happy to help you.

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ONE-TIME OFFER: Want to learn how to hack more affordable luxury cars (typically under $75,000) from brands like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and more without losing money? Add Luxury Car Hacks to your order today and learn new strategies specifically for the luxury car market to upgrade your daily driver and add thousands of miles without losing money. More importantly, Luxury Car Hacks is a stepping stone into exotic cars as it helps your 'readiness' by teaching you how to prepare for ownership by optimizing your finances, improving your credit, and more. Typically sold for $497, you can join today for a one time investment of $97 during Black Friday in July only.


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